Summer Reading Prizes 2020


10 books         Drawstring Bag, Bookmark, and Button

20 books         Placemat, Stickers, Timed Reading Record

30 books         Painting Sheet, Book List Reading Record

40 books        Plastic Cup, Star Wand

50 books        Metallic Unicorn Headband, Pinwheel, Reading Certificate



10 books        Drawstring bag, Bookmark, Button, Stickers, Timed Reading Record

20 books       Note pad, Pencil, Library Card Holder, Book List Reading Record

30 books       Wizards Brew, Painting Sheet

40 books       Aluminum Water Bottle, Pinwheel

50 books       Drawstring Sports Bag, Reading Certficate


Young Adult

300 pages       Bookmark, Library Card Holder

600 pages       Pencil, Sticky note pad

900 pages       Reading light

1200 pages     Aluminum Water Bottle

1500 pages     Drawstring Sports Bag


Adults (18 and older)

2000 pages   “Bingo” Monday, July 27 at 6:00 p.m.

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