Kids Can Week: Kids Can Make a Newspaper!

Hey everyone, it’s Amy!  I am the bookkeeper here at Scott County Public Library and I am a former elementary teacher.
When I was a younger girl, I was always fascinated with our local newspaper; the articles, facts, sports, interviews, opinions, and of course the comics page.  I would look through the pages, reading the interesting stories, looking at the pictures, wondering how this newspaper was put together each week for the readers to enjoy.
When I became a teacher, one interactive classroom project we had was a class newspaper.  The students became involved with ideas and tasks that would lead their minds to new directions in how to create the newspaper.  They would become reporters, interviewers, journalists, sports writers, illustrators, and editors during this project.  Their creativity was endless!!
Here are a few ideas on how to create your own newspaper at home, in your neighborhood, or a school project.  Please involve the following  members; of course your grandparents!!  They are rich with facts, opinions, and information during their childhood years.  You can, of course, interview many other people when creating a newspaper.  Your family, parents, siblings, teachers, neighbors, city workers, school faculty, business owners, etc, can all give helpful, fun, and interesting information towards the topic(s) you choose to write about.   Here are a few topics to include:
City/Town Politics
Cafeteria Food Quality
Local Weather
Local Sports
Town/City Heroes
Town/City History
Town/City Improvements
Favorite Books, Movies, TV Shows
School Events
Military Distinction


Here are a few internet articles to research on creating a newspaper for your kiddos from our friends over at
Good luck kids with creating your newspaper and always remember the sky’s the limit because there are always people to talk to, learn from, and listen to in regards to the world around us.  Send me your thoughts and ideas or if you simply get stuck with what to do next!!
Go Kids You Can!!!
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