Kids Can Week: Kids Can Do Genealogy!


You may know someone that researches their family history. Some people that
do it, travel to other places, visit courthouses, libraries and even cemeteries.

Sometime in the future, you may want to visit those places as well. But to get
started, all you need is pencil and paper and some help from Mom or Dad with
names and dates.

If you have a notebook that isn’t being used, that works better than loose paper.

If you have loose paper, you may want to find a binder to keep all your family
history papers together.

On the first sheet, start by writing your father’s name. Write the last name (also
called the surname) first. Then his first and middle names. Like this:

SMITH, William Thomas

Then below that write the date he was born and where he was born. Write the
town, county and state.

Skip a few lines, then write your mother’s name. Use her maiden name which
was her name before she married your father. Write her birth date below her

On a line below your father’s or mother’s birth date, write their marriage
date and where they married.

After that you can list yourself and all of your brothers and sisters, usually starting
with the oldest. Next to the names, write your/their birth dates and where
you/they were born.

With that done, you are ready for the next page. Ask your father for the full name
of his father (your grandfather) and his mother (your grandmother).

Write their names and birth dates just like you did for your parents. Then list your father and
all of his brothers and sisters with their dates. Do another sheet of paper for your
mother’s parents and her brothers and sisters.

If any of these family members that you listed have died, also write the date they
died on your paper.


If you are interested, you can keep adding pages to your family history by talking
to each grandparent and asking them for the names of their parents and their
brothers and sisters.

Wow! Pretty soon you have lots of names for your family

Something else that is fun to do is to ask your parents and grandparents questions
about their childhood and what life was like for them when they were younger.

You can write their stories down and make the stories part of your family history.
This is your history, you can make it as short or as long as you want.



If you would like to learn more about doing/researching your family, visit your
library and ask for Wanda S. Hope to see you.

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