Lego Club: Pete the Cat

I love Pete the Cat! I love LEGOS! So…I decided to design my own LEGO Pete! Groovy! 

There aren’t a lot of Pete the Cat builds that you can find online so I really had to work hard to get the design right. You can watch the video to see the steps I took and the bricks that I ended up using. I didn’t always have the size or color bricks that I wanted so I had to make do with what I had available. I just had to keep working at it until I got it right. 

How do you think I did? Think my LEGO creation looks like Pete? Think you can do better? The Virtual Lego Club challenges you to design your own Pete the Cat!

If you design your own Pete the Cat, we’d love to see it! Or perhaps you have another storybook character you’d like to build? You can leave your photos in the comments below or send the pic to us at 

Happy building!  ~ Melissa



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