How to Read a Book a Week in 7 Easy Steps

Hey everyone!  It’s Bill and I’m and back with another post.

Can you read a book a week?  Is that a goal that you like to set for yourself for the remainder of 2020 on into next year?  It’s one of my personal goals as a librarian and a reader.  I’ve loved reading ever since I was child.  However, the pandemic of 2020 has really thrown my personal reading goals and habits into a complete tailspin this year.  I had about three months at the beginning of the pandemic where I just couldn’t concentrate on any books at all.  And for me, that ABSOLUTELY STINKS!!   I couldn’t pick up a book without giving up.

Now that things have settled down a bit and I’ve developed a new routine, it’s becoming a bit easier to enjoy books again.  And I think it’s time to set a new goald of trying to read a book a week.  Think I’m crazy? I’m not and this goal is pretty realistic for the average reader.  It does mean adjust and learning some new habits though.  I’m here to share ten tips that can help you read a book a week.


You have to make reading a priority in your day.

Bill Gates is said to read a book a week.  Millionaire investor Warren Buffet claims to read 400 pages everyday.  Treat reading like it is one of the most important parts of your day.  Schedule it.  Put it in your Google calendar.


Read a couple of chapters when you get up and read before you go to bed.

Now this setup might not work if you are not a morning person or tend to fall asleep when reading before bed.  But try to work a couple chapters in before you leave for work each morning or a few chapters before you go to bed each evening.  This will get you closer to goal each day.


Utilize your library.

There is no greater resource of information than your local public library.  You have access to literally thousands of books both in print and online with your library card.  And most of all they are FREE…FREE…FREE…. Did I say FREE?   If you don’t have or know how to get a library card, give us a call at the library at 812-752-2751 and we will be glad to share with you how.

Make it a regular part of your routine to come in to see what the library has.  Sometimes it just means adding it to your trip out for a groceries or running other errands.  We have great new books regularly and thousands of backlist titles for your reading pleasure.  If you check out one or two a week, it will definitely help you meet that goal of reading a book a week.


Set a daily page goal.

If you are reading a 350 page book, you can read 50 pages a day over seven days or whatever crazy number combination you come up with.  If you get to a good part in the book and want to go further than your daily, then by all means…GO FOR IT!


Read e-books.

Almost everyone nowadays has a cell phone or some digital device that will allow them to get some reading done on it.  Some people don’t like to pack extra books around with them and prefer to read on their favorite devices instead.  We have a load of e-books too available at the Indiana Digital Download Center. 

Download an e-book so you always have it on your device and can read when you are standing in line waiting or have a few minutes waiting at the doctors office.  Use that time to get some productive reading done instead of scrolling social media.


Take advantage of your commute and time at home and listen to audiobooks.

Most individuals in Scott County and surrounding areas have a commute to work.  I have a 30 minute commute to work each direction.  You can listen to audiobooks during this time and power through books quickly during this time.  Try one of the audiobook downloads available at OverDrive.

When you are at home, turn off the tv while you are doing chores and listen to an audiobook instead.  Have to mow the lawn?  Pop in those headphones and get some good learning and listening done while you drive or push that lawnmower.  Are you working on a craft project?  Why not try to turn that time into listening time as well.


If you don’t like a book, STOP READING IT.

I used to be one of those reader’s who has to finish a book.  Not anymore.  My time is too precious to read a book that doesn’t interested.  I’m not saying a book is bad though, because I believe every book has a reader.  But some books are just not written for me and sometimes I’m just interested in the plot, story, or the characters.  I read a lot so this happens regularly and I’m finally used to it.  I’m not in school anymore and I don’t have to read every line the teacher assigns me either.  Life is too short to read bad books.  Plus, reading what you enjoy is the best way to reach your goal of a book a week.





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