One Room Schoolhouses in Scott County

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The first schoolhouse in Scott County was built in 1817 in Lexington.  Scott County would not be formed until 1820 and had a population at that time of 2,334.

These early Scott County schools were equipped to only teach the basics of education; reading, writing and arithmetic.

The furnishings for these schools were basic:  two rows of seats, a teacher’s desk, a pot-bellied stove in the center of the room to provide heat in the winter, a water bucket and tin dipper, a blackboard and chalk.  Restrooms were outside in the surrounding thickets.

Playground equipment were the trees for boys to climb and possibly a rail fence.

The children would come from 3 to 4 miles through the forest guided only with blazes or marks on the trees placed there by their fathers. They would need to carry their lunch each day and walk no matter the weather.  There were no roads to their log cabin school.

After the county seat was moved from Lexington to Scottsburg, the old courthouse in Lexington was used as a school from 1874 to 1889 when it was demolished and a new school building was built.

In 1900,  the population of the county was 8,307. 

In 1902,  there were 2,727 children registered in 53 schools throughout Scott County.  Elijah A. Gladden was the county school superintendent.  The schools in the county at this time are listed below. 

VIENNA TWP:      Marshfield, Rose Hill, Zoah, Estill, Vienna, Rays, Oak Grove, Pigeon Roost, Hubbard, Hardscabble, Goshen and No. 10. 

LEXINGTON TWP:    Beech Grove, Frog Pond, Plymouth, Lexington, Greenbrier, Concord, Split Stump, Ireland, Hendricks, Kinderhook, Reeves, Kimberlin and Nabb. 

JENNINGS TWP:  Everett (later Oard Springs), Casey, McClain, Possum Trot, Austin, Royce, Harrod and Trulock. 

JOHNSON TWP:  Alpha, Jefferson, Sunnyside, Center, Wiggam, Wooster, Fairview, Zion, McFadden, McClain, Carmel, Blocher, New Frankfort and schools # 7,8,11, &12 (names unknown). 

FINLEY TWP:   Jones, Broady, Carlisle, Strouse, Clark’s Chapel, Fairview, Leota, Poverty Point and Nos. 4,7, & 10 (no names known).



The last one-room schools in Scott County to close were New Frankfort, Sunnyside, Alpha and Blocher and these were replaced by the Johnson Township School in 1956.

Good roads and school buses made it possible to transport students for a longer distance and new technology in the world required a better and more rounded education for our future leaders.



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  1. Joanna Schmidt July 25, 2020 at 6:03 pm

    I have always been curious about the old school house at the end of my street – it’s still located on South Lake Road, across from the airport. What was the name of that particular school. Do you have any additional historical information about this particular school?

    1. readingadvised July 27, 2020 at 10:56 am

      We have forwarded your question to one of our librarians to see if we have any further information! Thanks for visiting our site.


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