8 Fabulous Ideas How to Use Sourdough Discard

One of the huge things that has happened with the COVID-19 pandemic is the number of people baking at home.  People are turning to creating their own baked goods to help with stress and also just for fun and entertainment.  Grocers are now just beginning to recover from shortages of flour and yeast as well as other baking goods.  But one of the ingenious things a lot of people are trying at home is to make their own sourdough.  It involves very few ingredients, time, and a great deal of patience.

One of the processes of creating a sourdough starter is the continuous feeding and discarding process.  And each time you add to your growing starter, you have to remove some as well.   This process results in some waste if you just dispose of the discard.   But you don’t have to throw that discard out.  We’ve gathered 8 ideas here at the library that we’ve found around the web to help you know what to do with that discard so you aren’t wasting ingredients and saving yourself some money.  We also highlight a couple of books about making sourdough and the processes involved that we have here in our library collection.

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Can you say YUM?  Who doesn’t love a good English muffin for breakfast with some warm butter and jelly?  The folks over at King Arthur Baking show how you can create a great muffin with your leftover sourdough discard in this recipe.  Be warned that this recipe is a little bit prep intensive but the end results are so worth it.



Lora over at the Savoring Italy blog shares with us this wonderful and quick (15 minutes of preparation) recipe for a sweet and bit spicy pumpkin bread.  You have to try this one!!



Who would have thought to ever use sourdough discard in a popover recipe?  We have to definitely say yes to the recipe Jean shares over at the Lemons and Anchovies blog.  This one takes about 45 minutes for preparation.



Sometimes you are craving a cracker and this recipe will definitely fill that craving.  These are made with discard, olive oil, and select herbs.  Check out this wonderful recipe from the blog, Love and Olive Oil.




Did someone say chocolate? Now we are talking and the flavors of chocolate with sourdough added in give a rich, deep fudgy brownie that you will want to make time and time again according to the blog Top With Cinnamon.  Check out the great recipe here.



This savory recipe from the blog My Love of Baking showcases a totally different use for sourdough starter.  The blogger states that these are common street food in Sri Lanka.  And fish isn’t the only option that you can fill them with.  Check out the recipe here.



Recipes like this make our mouths water here at the library.  This is an interesting combination of flavors in this super recipe from the wonderful cooking blog, Cooking With Carlee.  Check out the flavorful recipe here.



Who doesn’t love a big, chewy salty pretzel?  You can definitely zing it up a notch with leftover sourdough starter.  The folks over at the Baking Sense blog show you the art and science of making this wonderful treat.  Check out the great recipe here.


Here are a couple of great cookbooks about sourdough that we have in our library collections and that you can check out with your library card.  Also be sure to check out some the great downloads we have on OverDrive by searching for “sourdough” over at the Indiana Digital Download Center.


Sourdough:  Recipes for Rustic Fermented Breads, Sweets, Savories, and More

Sarah Owens


101 recipes for baking with whole and sprouted grains, making the most of the seasonal harvest, and healing the body through naturally fermented food

Sarah Owens spent years baking conventional baked goods, only to slowly realize she had developed a crippling inability to digest or tolerate their ingredients. Unable to enjoy many of her most favorite foods, she knew she must find a health-sustaining alternative. Thus Sarah started experimenting with sourdough leavening, which almost immediately began to heal her gut and inspire her anew in the kitchen. Soon after, her artisan small-batch bakery, BK17, was launched, and with that, a new way to savor and share nutritious sourdough breads and treats with her Brooklyn community.

Sourdough and other fermented foods are making a comeback because of their rich depth of flavor and proven health benefits. In Sourdough, Sarah demystifies keeping a sourdough culture, which is an extended fermentation process that allows for maximum flavor and easy digestion, showing us just how simple it can be to create a healthy starter from scratch. Moreover, Sarah uses home-grown sourdough starter in dozens of baked goods, including cookies, cakes, scones, flatbreads, tarts, and more–well beyond bread. Sarah is a botanist and gardener as well as a baker–her original recipes are accented with brief natural history notes of the highlighted plants and ingredients used therein. Anecdotes from the garden will delight naturalists and baked-goods lovers among us. Laced with botanical and cultural notes on grains, fruits and vegetables, herbs, and even weeds, Sourdough Baking celebrates seasonal abundance alongside the timeless craft of artisan baking.  — Goodreads.com



Super Sourdough

James Morton


Making Super Sourdough is the true test of every aspiring bread-maker. Fickle and delicate, every loaf is unique. And there are a lot of pitfalls to be avoided. It’s much more than a food: sourdough is a science. Who better than Dr James Morton, baking pedant and fermentation fanatic, to explain the basics for both the uninitiated, and more experienced bakers?   James talks the home baker through everything from starters, flours and hydration, to kneading, shaping, rising, scoring and baking, explaining how to achieve the perfect crust and crumb. With more than 40 sourdough recipes including basic loaves and rolls, baguettes, bagels and buns, clear step-by-step instructions, troubleshooting tips and explanations of what works and why, Super Sourdough is the new, accessible guidebook that bakers everywhere have been waiting for.   — Goodreads.com



Please enjoy the recipes and we would love to see some of your pictures!

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