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I recently did a program on Shadow Theater for the School Age Summer Reading Group’s second week project. While looking for different ideas I ran across a Duplo Shadow Theater on the Lego website. They did such an amazing job my son and I decided to give it a try! I’d also like to challenge you at home to give it a try. 

This project is easiest with Duplo blocks, simply because it requires less blocks, but use whatever you have available. I didn’t have the same pieces that Lego used, namely the large plate pieces, so I built mine in three separate pieces: screen, platform and light holder.

First, I made the part that would act as my movie screen. I made it so it would hold a regular piece of 8.5 x 11 copy paper with no gaps on the side. I secured the paper on the back of the screen with two columns of Duplo blocks. 

Next, I built a platform that could hold the toys I was using to make the shadows. I wanted it to be elevated but small enough that it could fit up against the back of the screen without sticking out the sides.

Lastly, I built something to hold my light source. I used my cell phone’s flashlight. I just had to put a few blocks together that would make it sturdy enough to support my phones weight. 

All in all, it’s a super simple project. My son and I just used a variety of Duplo character toys and other small toys to put on our show.  If you build your own theater we’d love to see it! You can leave your photos in the comments below or send the pic to us at

Happy building!  Check out what I did in the video provided below.  Have a wonderful week!



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