Build Your Own Lego Board Game


 Looking for a new game to play? After being stuck at home for so long perhaps you’ve already been through all the old board games and are looking for a new way to entertain the kiddos? One great way to build and create with Legos is to design your own board game.

The options are endless! You can try to recreate a favorite board game or design something entirely new. It can be as simple or as complicated as you like. You can use just your bricks or if the kids are really into it you can design and draw your own game cards to go along with it. Just use what you’ve got available and get creative!

If you want to try something easy you can go with a simple tic-tac-toe board. I used a flat 5-inch plate with some flat 1×4 pieces to make the board and then used two different colors of 2×2 bricks for the pieces. Simple! This board is also small enough to carry with you if kids want to play it in the car. 


If you want to try something a little more complicated, you can build a marble maze. In my example I just attached two flat 5-inch plates and then designed my maze with a variety of bricks. I didn’t have a marble to run through my maze so instead I used a small pom-pom and a straw to blow it through the maze. Try both ways and see which you think is the best.


Finally, in the last example I built my own traditional board game. I used a flat 10-inch plate and blue, green, red and yellow 2×4 bricks to build the board. I also added some flat blue plates to make a pond and some flat green plates to be grass for decoration. The end of my game was a tent from a Lego camping set but you can use whatever you have available. If you have moving LEGO bricks available, you can make a spinner and then move your character forward based on the color you land on. If you can’t make a spinner, try making a cup with your bricks and then have players draw out a brick based on the colors of your board to determine where to move their character piece. 

There are some many different things you can do! If you build your own game we’d love to see it! You can leave your photos in the comments below or send the pic to us at

Happy building!


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