Scott County History: How Some of Our Towns Got Their Names

Have you ever wondered how Scott County and the towns within Scott County received their names?

Scott County was organized in 1820 and named for General Charles Scott, an officer in the Revolutionary War and a governor of Kentucky.  Scott County was formed from parts of the following counties: Clark, Jefferson, Washington, Jackson and Jennings and was divided into three townships; Lexington, Vienna and Jennings.

Austin:  Was platted in 1853 and named for Austin Texas by veterans who were stationed there during the Mexican War.

Blocher:  Laid out in 1860 and named for Daniel Blocher, founder.  Blocher had previously been called Holman and Holman Station.

Leota:  A post office was located here in 1884.  Leota was named after a woman who lived here with this name.

Lexington:  Laid out in 1810 and named after Lexington, Massachusetts, apparently because of the famous Revolutionary War battle there.  The town was officially platted in 1813 by Colonel William McFarland, Nehemiah Hunt and Jesse Henley.  Lexington would be the first county seat of Scott County being the only town in the new county.

Nabb:  The town was first called Griswold, then Nabb Station, then shortened to just Nabb.  Platted in 1855 and named for the Railroad Superintendent, McNabb.  This town sits on the county line and for many years the post office would move between Clark and Scott Counties depending on whom was postmaster.

Scottsburg: The town was platted in 1871 just south of Centreville.  Scottsburg now encompasses the town of Centreville platted in 1850.  Scottsburg was not named for Scott County; but, for Colonel Horace Scott, General Superintendent of the Jeffersonville, Madison and Indianapolis Railroad.  Scottsburg was originally spelled with a h on the end (Scottsburgh).

Vienna:  Platted in 1849 and named for the capital of Austria.  At the time Scott County became a county, Vienna was the only other settlement with only a blockhouse and tavern.

Info from:  Indiana Place Names by Ronald L. Baker & Marvin Carmony.  Published in 1975 by Indiana University Press.

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