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Hey everyone!  It’s Melissa.  I am one of the librarians here at Scott County Public Library and I am here today to talk to you about our virtual Lego club.

I love Legos. Even as an adult I enjoy playing with them and it’s fantastic to watch kids build and create with them as well. I can’t think of many other toys that offer so many benefits for kids. Legos help kids develop fine motor skills, learn cooperative play, be creative, think like an engineer (try building a bridge!), learn spatial awareness, and can even be used to teach math and science skills! Plus, let’s not forget the pure entertainment factor of playing with Legos. My son and I spent 6 hours making our own stop motion Lego movie and it was fantastic! Outside of those moments where you will inevitably discover a misplaced brick with your bare foot there is much to love!

The library was fortunate to have started a Lego Club through our outreach programs last year but now that most kids are stuck at home and occasionally bored I thought perhaps a Virtual Lego Club could be fun. There are so many different builds and challenges that can be found so each week we’ll post a new challenge that maybe you can try at home. We’d also love to see pictures of any of your creations if you’d like to share them! Please feel free to do these challenges with whatever you have available to you, they don’t have to be Legos. If you can build with it then go for it and if all else fails draw us a picture.


To get started I thought we’d try something simple. In our Minifigure Adventure Challenge all you have to do is take a picture of a minifigure or character you built from Legos and show it having an adventure at your house. Remember, if you don’t have a minifigure feel free to use any action figure, stuffed animal or doll that you have. To help inspire you I created a quick video of what the Legos have been up to here at the library…I know you’ll be shocked to find they’ve mostly been reading! Happy creating!

If you are interested in joining us, please try our challenges and leave your photos in the comments below or send the pic to us at readingadvised@gmail.com.

I miss you all!  – Melissa.


Up Next:

We’ll try a video game character build!

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