Lego Club: Build Your Own Video Game Character

Do you like video games? Do you like Legos? Then this challenge is for you! See if you can build one of your favorite video game characters or a video game scene using Legos. I’ve loved the Mario Brothers since I was a kid so I decide to build Mario for my challenge.


You can find build ideas and designs online for just about any video game you can think of. In the library’s Outreach Lego Club we did a video game character build with lots of designs for Pokémon, Super Mario, Sonic, Pac-Man and Minecraft to name a few. Looking at someone else’s build can be great inspiration to get started on your own. Don’t get too bogged down by what someone else has done though. A couple of times some of the kids found it hard to move on if we didn’t have the exact size brick that was used in the example. There are a huge variety of brick sizes and a lot of the time you may really want a 2×2 brick, but if you’ve got two 1×1 bricks you’re set! Using an example as a guide can help you see

Finding the right color can sometimes be a problem as well. As you can see in my Mario and Pac-Man ghost builds I didn’t always have enough of the same color to make it look the way I would have preferred. Ultimately it doesn’t matter. My Mario ended up with three different shades of blue bricks for his overalls! He still looks like Mario and he was fun to build. So keep that in mind, use what you’ve got and have fun!


We’d love to see some of your builds if you’d like to share them with us. You can leave your photos in the comments below or send the pic to us at Remember that you can do these challenges with whatever you have available to you, they don’t have to be Legos. If you can build with it then go for it and if all else fails draw us a picture.


Happy building!



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