Welcome to our blog!

Welcome to the new Scott County Public Library blog!  We are embarking on a new adventure online and hoping to bring you information about some of the resources that we have available.

As you know, the libraries have been closed since March 16 due to the COVID-19 pandemic occurring throughout the world.  We are missing you, our patrons and customers, and the day-to-day interactions of sharing information about books, movies, audiobooks, and programming.  The libraries are closed in cooperation with the state and federal guidelines to stay at home, for our customers and staff alike.  We ask that you bear with us as we try to find important and relevant resources and information with you.  This is a new age for us and we are hoping to provide you some resources to make your lives easier and to provide you both knowledge and entertainment.

It is our hope that this blog will evolve into a variety of things.  We hope it will a place for you to enjoy books.  We hope that it will be a place that you can learn about the wonderful electronic resource that we have for the community, OverDrive.  We also hope to be sharing some new online capabilities in the near future as we re-examine our resources.

After the library re-opens, we hope to continue the blog to provide you fun and interesting content that will make you want to utilize your library both online and in-person.  We cannot wait to be back because we miss all of you.  Until we met again, stay home to both protect yourselves, your families, and other people as much as possible.  We can beat this virus if we stick together.

Thank you to all who are fighting on the frontlines of this pandemic in whatever capacity you can serve.  We owe you our lives and our gratitude.

Enjoy the blog.

The staff of Scott County Public Library.

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