Genealogy and Cemeteries

During this stay-at-home period during the current Covid-19 pandemic, many people are becoming antsy to be out and about and maybe suffering from cabin fever. One way to solve this problem and work on the family tree would be to visit some of your family cemeteries. During this time of social distancing, cemeteries could be the ideal place to visit and walk around. Most cemeteries are not social hot spots. Most of us have family spread out in several cemeteries – as do I. Yet many contain multiple generations. As an example, I have 5 generations beginning with my grandmother buried at Kimberlin Creek Cemetery.

Tombstones often provide us with the only death date available. Sometimes they even have the female’s maiden name. Family members may not remember dates of births or deaths but remember the cemetery. Remember to take a camera to record the stone. Unfortunately, due to weather and vandalism many stones in cemeteries can not be read or have been destroyed over the years. Get a photo while you can.

Just a warning, be careful about going to out of the way country cemeteries alone. Unfortunately some people choose these out of the way spots to perform illegal activities. Take a family member or a dog with you.

—  Wanda


This is another post in our continuing series on Genealogy here on the Reading Advised blog.  Our posts are brought to you by our Library Genealogist, Wanda Stoffregen.  If you have questions for Wanda, please feel free to contact her at

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