Cool Family Activities To Do At Home

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have been gathering resources for you here at the public library. Our buildings may be closed, but we’re busy behind the scenes.   We know families are staying home and enjoying time together.   More parents are looking for creative ways to keep occupied once the schooling has ended for the day.  And even more are just looking to combat cabin fever.

Most of the activities shown below are free or are available for a minimum cost.  A lot of them you can do with items you probably already have lying around your house.

We have broken our list down into four categories:  science, the arts, animals, and music.  We hope you find something to enjoy and share with your family.  If you have any other resources you’d like to share with others, please leave a comment below or email us at  




63 FUN SCIENCE ACTIVITIES:  The bloggers over at share 63 fun activities that you can do at home with items around your house.

BILL NYE, THE SCIENCE GUY:  The famous scientist, Bill Nye, shares some great home demos on his site.

SCIENCE BUDDIES:  There are some fabulous home science experiments you can try here.

SMITHSONIAN SCIENCE EDUCATION CENTER:  The Smithsonian provides some really cool science stuff on their website for kids.  There are also curriculum resources available here.

PLAYDOUGH TO PLATO:  This blog provides a great list of science related activities for your young children

CRASH COURSE KIDS:  This is a wonderful YouTube channel full of videos for kids about science.

NASA KIDS CLUB:  Do you have a child that is fascinated with space?  NASA has a site geared for kids that has lots of cool activities.

BRAINPOP SCIENCE: BrainPOP offers educational animated videos and lessons covering different science topics. Each featured science topic comes with illustrative videos, quizzes, and accompanying activities.



ART FOR KIDS HUB:  This is a family YouTube channel that is teaching children how to draw.  You can learn to draw all sorts of things here, including Wimpy Kid, Pizza Man, and more.

LUNCH DOODLES WITH MO WILLEMS:  The famous children’s author is teaching kids drawing skills everyday on his new YouTube channel.  He is the author of the beloved Elephant and Piggie series, the Pigeon series, and Knuffle Bunny.

LUNCH DRAWING WITH JARRETT KROSOCZKA:  The author of the  beloved Hey Kiddo graphic novel is showing kids his drawing techniques each day on his YouTube channel. He is also known for Jedi Academy and the Lunch Lady graphic novels.

MERI CHERRY ART STUDIO:  This blogger is sharing her love for art and children, where she stresses that art is more about the process and not the product.

THE ART BAR BLOG:  A cool blog featuring all sorts of play and art activities for children.

MOLLY MOO CRAFTS:  This is another wonderful blog featuring a good selection of crafts for kids from items that you might have lying around the house.



THE INDIANAPOLIS ZOO:  The Zoo is providing great videos on Facebook about their animals and several things going on at the Zoo.

THE CINCINNATI ZOO:  The Zoo is providing a really great list of home safari resources at this webpage.  Check this out and get your animal fix.

THE LOUISVILLE ZOO:  The Louisville Zoo has a wonderful Facebook page as well as great resources available on their homepage.

THE SHEDD AQUARIUM:  This Chicago-based aquarium is sharing some really cool animal videos on its YouTube channel.  Check them out.

THE MONTEREY BAY SEA OTTERS:  The Monterey Bay Aquarium is sharing a live webcam of sea otters everyday from 10 a.m – 10 p.m.

THE PUPPY PLAYROOM:  If you love cute puppies, check out this playroom webcam

THE FORT WAYNE CHILDREN’S ZOO:  This webpage has a great list of really cool animals that you can find at the zoo.  It includes great information about each animal.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC KIDS:  This website has an AMAZING amount of information on animals.  It includes games and videos.



SONGMAKER:  Your kids can create really cool music right on their own computer with this tool.

THE WIGGLES:  The wonderful people from the television show have a great YouTube channel here for your younger kids.  The videos include a new song about the importance of social distancing during the Coronavirus, sign language, ballet, nursery rhymes, and more.

FATHERLY:  This great website provides 7 songs you can teach your kids to emphasize the importance of handwashing.

DANMAN’S MUSIC LESSONS:  Do you have a budding musician in your family?  Join this website for hundreds of music lessons on lots of different instruments.

MUSICARDS:  Have someone learning music theory?  This website shares flash cards that can help you learn basic music theory.




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